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Retirement Resources

For information related to a variety of retirement issues, refer to the District issued Reference Guided. REF-1450 California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) Information. REF-1450.3

To request a copy of the CalSTRS Member Handbook, contact CalSTRS by phone: (800) 228-5453; or click on the link: CalSTRS Publications

CalSTRS Retirement Counselors.

Make an appointment for an individual session with a CalSTRS Retirement Counselor to help you calculate your retirement allowance and determine the retirement date that best meets your individual circumstances. Appointments may be requested by telephoning the CalSTRS office at, (800) 228-5453.

Effective Dates for Resignation and Retirement.

The retirement date will be the first day the employee’s retirement benefits begin with CalSTRS (may be a Saturday or Sunday). The resignation date with the District will be the day immediately preceding the employee’s retirement date (which may be a Saturday or Sunday). Typically, the resignation date is the end of the employee’s last day of paid service or leave of absence.

What to consider when choosing your retirement date.

Various issues should be considered for determining the effective dates for resignation and retirement, notwithstanding individual circumstances. These include but are not limited to:

  • Completion of your contract year in order to get a full year of service credit with CalSTRS
  • Your age at retirement
  • Years of credited service
  • The District's Lump Sum Bonus for eligible employees
  • CalSTRS Annual Benefit Adjustment
  • CalSTRS Medicare Part A Premium Payment Program for eligible members
  • CalSTRS Benefit Enhancement, including Career Factor, One Year Final Compensation, and Longevity Bonus
  • Final compensation
  • Retirement and resignation dates which must be immediately consecutive in order to meet an eligibility requirement to apply for continuing health benefits during retirement


HR Mission Statement:
The Human Resources Division will staff all schools and offices with qualified certificated employees who will educate and support our diverse student population.